Roadblocks for Couples

Relationship roadblocks are important to handle starting in any phase of your relationship. If you address some of these issues as they appear or earlier on in your relationship, you’re not only building good conflict resolution and problem solving skills that will help you in the future, you’re also handling the problem before it gets too big.

If you’re not yet in a relationship, you might still benefit from this article. After all, having an awareness of these common roadblocks can help you develop an understanding of how to handle them and how they could impact your relationship ahead of time. 


Having different communication styles or poor communication skills can cause major issues in your relationship. Communication issues can significantly hinder a couple’s ability to connect, understand, and resolve conflicts effectively. When partners struggle to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs clearly, there’s more room for misunderstandings and misinterpretations. This can cause frustration, distance, and resentment. If left uncorrected, couples could find themselves trapped in a cycle of miscommunication, where important messages get lost or distorted. 

Differing communication styles can also cause many complications and a lot of confusion. One partner may prefer direct communication while the other relies on nonverbal cues or prefers to avoid confrontation. These differences can create barriers to effective communication, leaving partners feeling unheard, dismissed, or altogether misunderstood. 

Over time, these issues can erode trust and intimacy, potentially also leading to a lack of empathy. Learning and practicing healthy communication skills, such as active listening, can help couples bridge these gaps, create a greater sense of understanding, and promote a stronger and more harmonious connection.

Chasing Perfection

Many people strive for perfection in their relationships. There are so many people that believe (or just want) their relationship has to look like a fairytale or rom-com. Unfortunately, this kind of belief or desire could make it more difficult to appreciate what you have in front of you or even cause you to put unrealistic expectations on you and your partner. This can cause a lot of tension and pressure to fall on everyone involved in the relationship. 

When individuals strive for perfection in themselves or the relationship, it can lead to constant feelings of inadequacy and a never-ending quest for flawlessness. This can often lead to constant dissatisfaction, as no person or relationship can ever be flawless. The constant focus on perceived imperfections can lead to criticism, judgment, and a lack of acceptance, driving a wedge between partners. 

The pressure to achieve an unattainable standard can also create anxiety, stress, and a fear of failure, which can negatively impact emotional well-being and intimacy. It is crucial for couples to embrace the concept of being perfectly imperfect, develop self-love and compassion, and celebrate each other’s growth and progress rather than chasing an unachievable ideal. By fostering a culture of acceptance, understanding, and support, couples can create a healthier and more fulfilling relationship. 

Fearing Finances

Financial fears can significantly impact couples and their relationships, often leading to a range of problems. The weight of financial fears can cause a ton of issues like tension, communication breakdowns, and even conflict within a relationship. The stress of financial instability or insecurity can breed feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, which can strain the emotional connection and even build resentment between partners. Differences in financial values, spending habits, or attitudes toward money can make these issues even worse, leading to even more arguments and a lack of intimacy & trust. Financial fears can also spill over into other areas of a couple’s life, making it more difficult to plan for the future, make joint decisions, or maintain a sense of stability. 

The constant preoccupation with financial concerns can take a toll on emotional well-being, communication, and overall relationship satisfaction. It is essential for couples to address and navigate these fears together. If you notice these issues within your own relationship, it might be a good idea to find support and guidance to develop effective strategies for managing your finances and alleviating the strain on your relationship.

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